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Kermess Whisper

I don't fully understand the concept of FON. Has anyone ever succeeded in connecting to the net through the WiFi router of his neighbour? (when the access is not protected of course) It's slow, it's tedious, it's all but comfortable. Even through the walls of one's own house it's sometimes difficult!
But since FON's founders are not stupid, there must be something... Maybe the whole concept relies on MIMO modem-routers, as the one proposed by Free? (MIMO technology 'theoretically' improves the quality of the link). But in this case the laptop must also embed a MIMO WiFi modem, which is far from an easy story (3 big antennas, regularly spaced.. hmmm...) I am curious to see how it will work in real.

Thomas Gee

Well, Olivier, it seems like Neuf Cegetel is the first one to publicly announce a deal with Fon.

Do you still think that Free/Fon (Fron ?) will work together ?


Thanks Kermess and Thomas.
>Kermess: totally agree with your argument about MIMO. A telephone with 3 antennas ?
What is the real coverage of a personal FON-ready router?
It makes sense only if it is placed in front of a window (is your PC near a window ?).
Another point : i don't see clearly FON's business model : Alien's phone calls ? I can hardly believe it. 9T and Free will maybe take advantage of FON buzz with little risk. Where are the FON'fees? Google Ads ?


That's great news. I didn't know anything about it. and fon rule!!


nothing has been announced with


tu as quoi contre FREE ???

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